Direct customer care across Europe

by our field sales force and our office team. Competent contacts on site or at our plant.


On-site support across the group
at home and abroad

Your sites will be dealt with and managed logistically as one entity. This results in cost savings and transparency.


Direct transport chain

SilverTeam delivers and disposes of materials directly, and often without the usual local intermediate stations. This saves both time and money.


EU dispatch documentation

We produce legally valid shipment documentation for the transportation of your reusable materials in accordance with the guidelines of the EU Waste Regulation.




Collecting of reusable materials


Collection containers

We‘ll provide collection containers free of charge while the reusable materials are being gathered.



  • sturdy plastic design, QM certified
  • low weight
  • selection of pallet formats:
    Europe pallets CTH2 (120 x 80 x 80 cm)
    Industrial pallets CTR3 (120 x 100 x 80 cm)
  • can be piled on top of each other
  • small footprint
  • professional image in the storage area
  • also available with lockable lids
  • weatherproof, and suitable even for outdoors
  • can be placed inside each other when empty to save space during transportation

Big Bags

These are an ideal addition as container inlays. We also provide these free of charge.



  • one-way transportation; the containers remain on site, and the large format bags are removed
  • simple groupage freight labelling with prepared, replaceable insert sheet on the edge
  • economic and environmentally-friendly handling
  • cost-effective