Semi-finished products for the industry


SilverTeam® supplies precious metal semi-finished products in a wide range of alloys, compositions, shapes and dimensions. Whether you need sheets, contact strips, contact rivets, contact profiles, contacts, wires, rods, tubes or blank materials – we can give you the highest quality standards from our production processes. Customer-specific solutions are designed, developed and manufactured using modern production methods and technologies in association with our know-how.


Contact strips

Contact bi-metal strips:

  • Inlay strips
  • Seam welded toplay strips
  • Electroplated strips (selectively coated)

Contacts – sintered & pressed

  • AgC
  • AgW
  • AgSnO2
  • Solid silver contacts


Contact profiles

  • Single layer profiles
  • Multiple layer profiles
  • Micro profiles
  • Diamond-backed profiles
    – with welding-ribs
    – with diamond shapes

Contact rivets

  • Bi-metal rivets
  • Solid Ag rivets
  • Plated Ag rivets


Technical wires

  • Ag - Round wires
  • Ag - Flat wires
  • Fine silver
  • AgNi
  • AgSnO2
  • AgC
  • AgCu

Technical solders

  • Wire solders
  • Metal plate solders